Chemical cleaning of exchangers

Altena Group has many years of experience in the chemical cleaning of plate heat exchangers for all kinds of sectors on land but also offshore.


High temperatures, conductive media and non-stop operation of the unit will cause any heat exchanger to become fouled over time. The pollution mainly consists of substances that have poor conductive properties, such as lime. After a certain period of time, this deposit will ensure that the plate heat exchanger no longer functions optimally.

Plate heat exchangers are used in many different locations and situations. Because the sucked-in air carries atmospheric deposits such as salt crystals and sulphur, but also small street dirt, it becomes polluted. To preserve the installations, it is necessary to have the plate exchangers chemically cleaned in due time.

Advantages of having your plate heat exchangers regularly chemically cleaned:

  • Longer life of the heat exchanger
  • An optimal performance of both the cooler and the engine
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Lower fuel consumption

About us

Altena Services carries out cleaning and maintenance work on your installations 24/7. Service and craftsmanship are of paramount importance to us. So whether we are cleaning induction units, aligning V-belt drives or cleaning entire air handling units: we do our work professionally and with dedication. In addition to products such as filters and V-belts, we also provide complete reports on the status of air treatment systems. Craftsmanship, that's what it's all about at Altena Group.

You can entrust a large part of your work to one partner, who can be deployed quickly and for a longer period of time. Altena works with dedicated equipment, a large group of trained employees and approved chemicals.


Are you interested in the chemical cleaning of plate heat exchangers by Altena Group? Then contact us! We make a tailor-made offer for every situation. For questions and/or more information, please contact us.

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